RPP´s student wing submits memorandum to Education Minister.

Kathmandu, 11th July. The student wing of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Rastriya Prajatantrik Bidhyarthi Sangathan, today submitted a memorandum to education minister Debendra Paudel at the Education Ministry, Singhadurbar.

The memorandum consists of several demands to solve existing problems in the education sector. Dhansur Shahi, chairperson of the student wing, submitted eleven-point demands to education minister Debendra Paudel. RPP submitted a 22-point memorandum based on social, political, and people’s daily lives to PM Sher Bahadur Deuba on June 15th, and to address these demands, the party is regularly organizing pressure activities on the government.

Education is critical to development, progress, and positive change, but in Nepal, education has been privatized and commercialized, and the situation of community schools is deteriorating. It has been three months since student admission, and students have been deprived of books and materials.

Student union elections, which were required for the welfare and rights of students, have been postponed. Dhansur told these problems to Education Minister Paudel.

The 11-point demands are: 1. Education till 12th class should be made free.

2. Education materials and books should be made available on time.

3. To save education from being commercialized, private educational institutions should be compelled to be on legal grounds.

4. Standards for community schools should be raised.

5. As education and health are the state’s responsibility to make them exoteric, policies should be brought immediately.

6. As listed in National Education Policy foreign names to be dismissed, advertisements which go against regulations should be stopped and high educational rates, educational mafias should be ended and educational institutions should be brought in grounds of law.

7. Students should be given 45 percent discounts on public transportation.

8. Political appointments in educational institutions and universities should be ended.

9. Teaching of subjects and chapters in the curriculum which go against Sanatan Dharma should be ended immediately.

10. Student union elections, which would have been held for a duration of 2 years, have been interrupted for fourteen years, so dates of election should be announced and the process related to them should be followed.

11. Activities that go against Sanatan Dharma in educational institutions should be stopped completely.

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